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The Joy of Thievery

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 September 2016)

Hırsıza çalmaması için not ve para bıraktı, döndüğünde şaşkına döndü
         A novel way to double your money.

In Izmir, a citizen fed up with his cables being repeately
stolen, left a note with 50 TL in the cable cabinet which
read "Take this money, may it be a blessing to you. Just don't
steal my cables."

A while later the thief came and stole the cables again but
left a note worthy of fables: "I don't do this for money. I do
it for fun. I hope this money will meet your damages."
Upon seeing the note cable owner Tahsin Yaman (60) was
even more amazed to see another 50 TL note alongside
the one he left.

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                   Izmir province

türkçe link to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 13 September 2016)

 Image result for hırsız dans etti adana seyhan
         Dancing with the morons.

dancing fool don't miss the bewildered owner's reaction.

In Seyhan, Adana, on 6 September Ahmet Yıldırım's truck
was stolen from in front of his house.  Police looked at street
surveillance video and saw that while thief A.Y. tried to strart
the truck, companion S.Ö. noticed the camera and took a few
'break dance' steps.

A.Y. was later arrested and (dancing fool) S.Ö. was taken into
custody at his home. Police are pursuing the third suspect.

Image result for adana haritası
                           Adana province

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