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Hey, I Wonder Where Charcoal Comes From...

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 September 2016)

Ormandan  mangala meşakkatli  yolculuk

                         The dome of the wood.

The thing that makes a barbeque work is the charcoal underneath.
In other words, wood coal.  But the coal that heats your barbeque
comes to you via a long and arduous path.  The people of Hacılı village
in Şile, Istanbul, make their living this way.

Interest in the profession is diminishing, though, and the villagers
fear that it may pass away.  The villagers of Hacılı, which lies between
Şile and Ağva about 40 kilometers from Istanbul, set up fires for the
wood they cut in state-designated areas by forming domes from the
wood over the course of two or three days.

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The 5 tons of wood are covered with sand, straw and dirt and then
set afire with a special method that does not allow the wood to flame.
It takes about a week for the wood to turn into charcoal and from five
tons of wood only one ton of charcoal emerges.

Yılmaz Ertan has been doing this job for 38 years, beginning at age
11, but worries that "the state isn't allocating as much land as before
and interest in the profession is dwindling.  I'm afraid it may not last."

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