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Sacrifice Edition: There Will Be (Human) Blood

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 September 2016)

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"It looks so easy when the butcher does it."

In Sivas, 25 people were injured, mostly on their hands,
as they tried to cut animals for sacrifice.  In the Çayboyu
neighborhood of the city, Fikret Yıldırım (41) was hurt
when the animal fell on his right hand.

In Kırıkkale, 73 people were admitted to hospitals for
wounds incurred while butchering the sacrificial animals.
Injuries were sustained from sharp instruments and from
the horns and kicks of the creatures.

In Hacılar town, freshly cut meat got stuck in the windpipe
of Osman Erdoğan (66).  Yozgat State Hospital reported that
32 people were treated for cuts, horn injuries and kicks.
Others were hurt when ropes tightened on their wrists and
arms.  Murat Duyar (30) lamented that "I was skinning the
animal and the knife slipped into my leg."

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                  Badge of stupidity.

In Yakutiye district of Erzurum, Ali Suvarıcı suffered a heart
attack while cutting a sacrifice.  Meanwhile in Ereğli district
of Konya, İsmet Özçelik (66) wanted to clean the hairs off the
head of a sacrifice in his oven but while doing so he suddenly
passed out from heart failure and died.

In Izmir and the Aegean provinces, 496 people suffered various
injuries while butchering animals.  Three hospitals in Manisa
treated 125 casualties.  There were 'rookie butcher' incidents
in Denizli - 149, Balıkesir - 77, Izmir - 71, Uşak -47, Aydın - 20
and Muğla - 7.

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                     Scene of the crime.

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