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Construction Worker Maestro Awaits Stardom

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 September 2016)

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musicvideo check out the construction maestro's fast fingers.

Dressed in his construction-worker clothes, Aqşin Gulaliyev
nearly loses himself in the music at the piano and the related
video has drawn great interest on social media.  Gulaliyev was
born in Hasanali village in the city of Sabirabad in Azerbaijan.
His father was a welder and his mother a housewife.

Gulaliyev explained that "we are three siblings.  My sister
is married and my brother washes cars to make a living. I
have my own family.  Ever since I can remember I've been
hooked on music.  When I was 15 I asked my family to get
me some training and they sent me to an inexpensive music
course to learn piano but we didn't have a piano at home.
With this much training I worked at weddings in summers."

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    Ready for stardom when it comes knocking.

Gulaliyev related how it happened that his music video hit
social media: "We were working at a school construction site
a year ago. When I saw an old piano I began to play it and
my friend recorded it and put it on social media.  Azerbaijan's
ATV television called me and did a report but when I saw it
on TV they portrayed me as a begger."

An unnamed Turkish well-wisher sent Gulaliyev a piano but
Gulaliyev couldn't pay the customs fees so was unable to take
possession of the piano.  He has been working in the construction
field for 6 years to make ends meet but says he has his heart set
on recording an album of love songs: "I fell in love with a woman
but she married someone else.  This affected me deeply and my
music sense, as well.  Whenever I think of her I sit down at the
piano and write a new sad love song.  But recording such an
album in Azerbaijan is just a dream."

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                       Turkey and Azerbaijan  

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