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Amanda Cerny: Be Careful in Yozgat!

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 17 October 2016)

//TNT recently reported on the prospect of Instagram queen
 Amanda Cerny becoming a bride in Yozgat (see link below).  
Herewith a cautionary tale Amanda might want to take note of://

amanda to yozgat 

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    Amanda's already seeing red.

Münevver Akdoğan (72), of Kepirce village in Yozgat's
Sorgun district, has psychological problems.  The evening
before last, Münevver argued with her daughter-in-law Ayşe
Akdoğan at their house while no one was home.

As the argument turned into a fight, Münevver grabbed a
hunting rifle and shot at Ayşe's back, killing the mother of
two children, who has been married to Münevver's son for
13 years.

Yozgat’ta kaynana gelinini tüfekle öldürdü
Hey Amanda, that could be you instead of Ayşe someday.

Münevver was captured by police and turned over to the
Gendarmerie.  After interrogation Münevver was transported
to jail.

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                  Yozgat province

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