6 Ekim 2016 Perşembe

Extreme Theft Edition

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 3 October 2016)

Mısır tarlasında hasat hırsızlığı iddiası
                                 The 'downs'...

In Tokat's Pazar district, İsa Demirel (36) filed a complaint because
someone harvested and stole the corn on the 25 dönüm (6 acre) plot
he had sown.  When Demirel went to check on the field he has rented
for 6 years he was shocked to see that more than half of the field had
been harvested.

Image result for field of dreams
                 Another wary corn farmer.

Demirel went to the field on Saturday and asked his neighbors what
had happened.  He explained that "I saw that my corn field had been
harvested.  My neighbors said that 'a truck and harvester came and we
thought it was yours.' so they didn't say anything."

Tarladan çaldıkları 19 ton mısırı satmaya götürürken yakalandılar
              and 'ups' of a corn farmer.

türkçe the rest of the story...

After 19 tons of his corn was stolen İsa Demirel filed a complaint
with the police and Gendarmerie.   Subsequently, three thieves
were caught in Turhal district as they tried to sell the corn. In this
regard, police took suspects F.Ş., O.S, and M.A. into custody. The
19 tons of corn had been shipped to Çorum but the truck was
stopped in Mecitözü.  An elated İsa Demirel, who had taken credit
from the bank to plant the corn, got his corn back.  The three suspects,
though, were released by the prosecutor.

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                            Tokat province


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 October 2016)

previously see TNT report on this same poor sap.

Image result for o hırsız bu defa trafoyu çaldı
You remenber this heart-rending scene. This time the 
whole transformer got clipped!

In Izmir, Tahsin Yaman, whose transformer cables were
stolen by a thief who left a note saying 'I do this for the
fun of it!', has lost the two-ton transformer to the thief this
time.  Yaman lamented that "I regret having left a note for
the thief (saying here's 50 TL, don't steal my cables anymore).
That transformer costs 5,000 TL (about 1,750 USD).  This
year I've suffered about 20,000 TL-worth of damage."

Image result for izmir haritası
                 Izmir province

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