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Married with (Surprise!) Children

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 28 October 2016)

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This is definitely NOT a photo of M.E. and F.K.

M.E. (30), from Denizli, works as a baker in a bread shop in
Izmir.  Eight months ago he became engaged to F.K. (21)
through match-maker relatives.  Two weeks ago M.E. and
F.K. had wedding ceremonies in two separate provinces.

After the ceremony in Karacasu, in eastern Aydın province,
M.E. and F.K. headed toward their home in Izmir.  When they
reached Aydın city, though, F.E. fell ill.  After examing F.K.
the doctor there said to M.E. "Congratulations! Your wife is
6.5 months pregnant!"

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                 What might have been...

Hearing this, M.E. (understandably) went into shock.  First,
he took the gold given to F.K. at the wedding from her and
then went to the Gendarmerie post to file a complaint. The
couple was divorced in one court hearing.

M.E. said that he would file a civil suit against F.K. for
the 50,000 TL (about 17,000 USD) he spent on the weddings.

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