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Dana Island's 3,200 Year-old Shipyard

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 October 2016)

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Just imagine the ancient oligarchs and their 274 yachts. 

On Dana Island, along the Mediterranean shore in Silifke district
of Mersin province, the site of a 3,200 year-old shipyard with
274 berths has been identified.  Dr. Hakan Öniz of Selçuk
University said about the finding: "there's nothing like it in the
world.  It is the largest shipyard in the world that can be proven

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Bill Dana, a famous descendant of the Danuna/Denyen who emigrated
to Bolivia and changed his surname to 'Jimenez'. The island bears his
original surname.

Scientists believe that the giant shipyard sheds light on the 400-year
'Dark Age' of the Mediterranean Sea.  According to Dr. Öniz, although
the archeological proof is not yet 100%, the available historical records
indicate with high probability that Dana Island belonged to the Danuna/
Denyen, one of the communities referred to as the 'Sea Peoples' in the 12th
century B.C.

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                           Mersin province

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