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Narcissist Mayor Rivals Trump

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 9 October 2016)

AKP’li Başkan: Allah beni özel yarattı
In Turkish dictionaries, Yılmaz's picture helps to define the
word 'narcissist'.

The mayor of Bolu, Alladdin Yılmaz of the ruling AKP party,
has grabbed the spotlight with his pronouncements.  After being
re-elected as mayor Yılmaz proclaimed on a local TV channel that
"God made me special."  The video of the interview has gone
viral on social media.

Yılmaz, who has been the Bolu mayor for 12 years, explained in
the interview that "I can't be compared with other politicians. Look,
this is what I'm saying - it's an insult for me to be considered merely
the mayor.  I'm the man who designed the city.  I'm a city designer,
from nothing I design.  I'm not an ordinary mayor or an ordinary
politician.  When you look at Bolu before me and compare it to my
tenure I'm the only one who makes projects for Bolu and follows
through with them.  If there's anyone like me before or since let
him come forward."

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In American English dictionaries, Trump's picture helps to
define the word 'narcissist'. 

"Right now I'm dealing with lots of challenges.  To put me in the
same pot with normal politicians would be to demean me.  God
created some people special and I'm one of them.  If everyone
could imagine with the same horizon God would have created
everyone the same.  That's why God created some special people.
I'm one of them and on this subject I have no modesty whatsoever."

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                            Bolu province

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