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Running on Empty Proves Fatal

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 October 2016)

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   If only he'd filled up the tank beforehand...

In Silifke district of Mersin province, a chilling homicide occurred
in the Atakent neighborhood at 1 a.m. the night before last.  Şahin
T. (49) and his wife Zeynep T. were driving around in Erdemli district
when they encountered Ali Özcan (29), with whom the couple had a
long-standing enmity.

Özcan fled, heading west toward Silifke in his own car but he stopped
to get gas at a pumping station in the Atakent neighborhood in Silifke.
 As the Özcan's car was being serviced, the Şahin-Zeynep couple
entered the gas station and Şahin shot Özcan with a hunting rifle. As
Özcan fell to the ground, Şahin finished him off with a pistol shot to
the head. (!)

The couple then put Özcan's body in the trunk of their car and headed
back to Erdemli.  Meanwhile the gas station attendants alerted the
police, who stopped the fleeing couple on the road and delivered them
to the Gendarmerie.

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