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Turks See Evil Intent in U.S. Navy's Barbary War Post

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 15 October 2016)

ABD’den tepki çeken paylaşım
      Everybody's soooo sensitive these days!

In connection with the 241st anniversary of the founding of the
U.S. Navy,, the related celebratory message posted on Twitter by
the Navy has sparked quite a negative reaction among Turks.

The inclusion of a painting depicting American soldiers battling with
fighters under the Turkish flag during the 1st Barbary War (1801-
1805) struck many Turks as an unwelcome reference during these
days of tense U.S.-Turkish relations.

One Turkish observer, retired Captain İsmet Hergünşen, the former
chief of the Straits Coast Guard, opined that the use of the painting
by the Navy was akın to the 'çuval olayı' (4 July 2003 capture and
head-sacking of Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq) and the firing on
the Turkish ship Muavenet by the USS Saratoga in the Aegean Sea
in 1992.  Captain Hergünşen stated that current Turkish-Russian
rapproachment has irritated the U.S. so much that the painting was
used to exert pressure on Turkey in the social media realm.

In any event, the Navy's Twitter posting was retracted by nightfall.

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