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Dogs' 'Taste' in Cars Questioned

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 28 October 2016)

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          Maybe both cars were Cat-allacs.

Customs advisor Kahraman Kaya, who lives in Milas district
of Muğla province, bought a car a week ago for 50,000 TL
(about 17,000 USD) and parked it in front of his house in the
Atatürk neighborhood.

In the morning, Kaya noticed that the car's front area had
suffered damage overnight and that his neighbors said that a
group of dogs had been making noise around the car during
the night.  Kaya found teeth marks on the car's front hood.

Referencing a similar incident that occurred two weeks ago
in Sakarya (1,000 kilometers away), Kaya mused that "my car
is interesting.  It's the same make and model as the one dogs
attacked in Sakarya.  I want the car-maker to investigate this

Veterinarian Gülizar Atıcı, though, suggested that the dogs
were after a cat that had hidden under the hood.  Atıcı added
dryly that "for street anımals to knowingly target a particular
brand of goods is not a particularly strong possiblilty."

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