1 Ekim 2016 Cumartesi

Machete Maniac Plays 'Bumper Cars'

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 September 2016)

                 "Just try to give me a ticket !"

bumper cars VIDEO: got his license at Migros yesterday.

In Kayseri, an individual named İbrahim O. smashed his car
bearing plate number 38 EY 975, into parked cars along a
street, damaging 18 of them.  The incident occurred on Tekin
Street in Kocasinan district's Gevher neighborhood

       After 'bumper cars', no bumpers left.

As enraged citizens tried to apprehend İbrahim O. he emerged
from his car with a machete, along with his girlfriend, and fled.
İbrahim O., who was said to be out of prison on leave, is still at

Image result for kayseri haritası

                       Kayseri province

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