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Outsourced Apologies; Discerning Music Thieves

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 26 October 2016)

Küskünler 'Özür Dileme Servisi'yle barışıyor
         Outsourcing apologies.  What's next!?
The three stages of a good apology: I'm sorry. It was my
fault. How can I make it up to you?

In Eskişehir, an 'Apology Service' set up by 26 volunteers on
social media has contacted more than 10,000 citizens in 4 months
asking for support and up until today group members have
asked forgiveness from 6,379 people.

One of the volunteers, İlkay Mustafa Güneş, stated that the
service they set up 4 months ago is a volunteer thing and is
going well.  The service works like this: someone contacts the
'Eskişehir Özür Dileme Servisi' (Eskişehir Apology Service) via
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   The caller then requests that
a service volunteer call another individual and apologize on
behalf of the caller.

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Eskişehir well-positioned for nation-wide mea culpas.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 26 October 2016)

Akort edip ‘çal’dılar
"Ooo, I can hit high C with this one! Let's take it."

In the Pınarönü neighborhood of Sivas's Şarkışla district, two
suspects entered a musical instruments store.  The thieves
stole 6 bağlamas (string instruments) , 2 neys (flutes), a pipe
organ, a sound machine, a darbuka (drum), a clarenet, a zurna
(flute-like instrument), a laptop computer, microphone and
bağlama cases.

In the store security video the robbers are seen entering the
store after a heated 45-minute effort to get through the door.
They are then observed testing out the instruments.  Street
surveillance cameras later identified the suspects as S.G. (15)
and S.D. (12) (!).  Police captured both of them.

Store owner Erdem Uçar said with some amazement that
"they took the instruments from the shelf, tuned them and
then stole them."

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                     Sivas province

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