10 Ekim 2016 Pazartesi

'You May Have Already Won'...

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 10 October 2016)

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Ercan bey personally informs a prize winner of her good luck.

An international gang that targets primarly retirees, the elderly
and the unwitting with the lie that 'you've won a prize', has been
broken up.  One of the gang's members, a Turk named Ercan Barka
(34), was taken into custody at JFK Airport in New York as he was
boarding a plane to return to Turkey last month.

The gang's modus operandi went like this: the gang's victims received
an email informing them that they had won money or a valuable prize.
In order to claim the prize the 'winners' had to send 50-55 USD either
by cash, check or credit card.  PacNet Services Ltd. in Vancouver,
Canada, processed the 'winners'' payments, reaping between 50 and
60 million (!) USD per year.

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       My goodness! Fortune has finally smiled upon me!

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