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Bovine Refugees Safe; Subway Writer Poorer

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 October 2016)

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"Thanks for not sending us back to that Bulgarian wasteland!"

Four cows grazing on the Bulgarian side of the border crossed
into Yolüstü village in Edirne the day before yesterday. The
local Gendarmerie had the local village chief take possession of the
cows. In the ensuing diplomatic traffic, Bulgaria declined to re-admit
the animals, citing European Union regulations.

The fate of the cows is now in the hands of the Turkish Food,
Agriculture and Animal-breeding Directorate.  First, the animals'
health status will be determined and if no problems are found the
cows will become public property, in accordance with the Animal
Health and Disposition Law.

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         "The grass is a lot greener here."

Then, the creatures may be sold via the good offices of the National
Real Property office.  There was a similar incident in 2009 when a
cow grazing in Kastanies village in Greece strayed into Karaağaç
village.  In that case, though, the cow was returned to Greece under
an agreed protocol.

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 October 2016)

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He admits he might have gotten a bit carried away. 

Süreyya S. got upset about the work being done on the escalators
and elevators at the Hacıosman metro station so he wrote some
insulting things about Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş on the wall.
Unfortunately for Süreyya, because of the insults and the damage
he was fined 13,000 TL (about 4,200 USD).

In court, the public prosecutor asked for a jail sentence of  11
months and 20 days for the insults.  The judge converted this to
a 7,000 TL fine.  And instead of a 10 month prison stint for the
wall damage, Süreyya was hit with a 6,000 TL fine.

In his statement, Süreyya explained that the non-working
escalators and elevators at the Hacıosman station made it hard
for handicapped and elderly people to use the facility.  Because
of his own leg discomfort Süreyya said that "they didn't fix the
escalator so I got mad.  I regret it now and I want to pay for the
wall tiles I damaged."

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Go ahead.  Try to find Hacıosman metro station if you dare.

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