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Murder He Wrote

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 4 October 2016)

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48 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Who knew?

In incredible murder plan that rivals detective stories has
come to light in Antalya in connection with a mysterious killing
committed 4 months ago.  Some citizens walking through the
woods in Kirişçiler village on 23 June notice a foul smell
coming from a nearby well.  When they saw a body in the well
they called the Gendarmerie.

The badly burned body of Hulusi Gelişken (25) showed that
he had also sustained a shotgun blast to his head.  Searching
through video from 48 cameras, the Gendarmerie team determined
that Gelişken's credit cards had been used three times, prompting
the team to take suspects I.C., M.K., M.C. and T.E. into custody.

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                Even she was stumped.

Under Gendarmerie interrogation, the suspects confessed that they
killed Gelişken over a debt.  It turned out that the murder had been
committed in the same manner as one in a book written by suspect
M.C.  and that, like in the book, the killers burned the body twice
in order not to get caught.

When the Gendarmerie searched M.C.'s home they found a copy
of the book 'Ölüm Nefesi' (Death's Breath') and added into to the
evidence file. The story line of the book has events taking place in
the year 1215 A.D.  According to the internet synopsis, "events take
place in a scary monastery in the woods on a large island.  Vicious
murders at the dilapidated monastery come one after the other, sowing
fear all around.  Two youths, Aleksius and Louis, put their own lives
in danger as they try to solve the murders and they have to prove that
they are not complicit.  You will read this book breathlessly and
become its prisoner."

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          Antalya province

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