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International Dating's Varying Outcomes

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 October 2016)

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                    Happy in the departure lounge.

Japanese citizen Yukiko K. (48) came to Istanbul for a vacation in
February 2013.  While touring around the Sultanahmet Mosque
area she met 'hanutçu' (person who tries to steer tourists to a
pre-arranged shop or restaurant) Mustafa G. (31), whose near-native
Japanese language skill (! - more on this later) led the two to become

When Yukiko returned to Japan she and Mustafa kept up their
contact via the internet. Eventually, Yukiko said she wanted to buy
a house in Istanbul so she sent Mustafa 230,000 TL for this purpose.
Mustafa used the money to buy a house in his own name in the
Güngören section of Istanbul and asked for more money.

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The danger zone for Japanese girls in Istanbul.

Yukiko returned to Istanbul and wanted the house's deed to be put
in her name.  Mustafa avoided doing so and relations between the
two soured. Yukiko then learned that Mustafa already had a
Japanese wife (!) in Istanbul so she filed suit against Mustafa in
April 2015.

A decision on the case was issued by the court the day before
yesterday.  Mustafa was sentenced to 2 years 6 months in jail
and fined 50,000 TL.  He cannot leave Turkey either (tough to
do if he's in jail anyway.)

In regard to the case, Japanese women on Twitter warned
others that "if a guy approaches you around Sultanahmet and
Aya Sofya either run away, call the police or ignore him."

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 October 2016)

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    We, of course, wish them all the best. 

Brazilian university student Cheyeme Silveire Soler (25) has
come to Turkey to marry farmer Mahmut Budak in Harran
district of Şanlıurfa province.  The two met on a social media
site and became friends.

The young woman has decided to use the name Sara in Turkey.
Sara is an only child and Mahmut is one of ten.  She noted that
she has happy to have become a Muslim and to live in Harran.
Mahmut learned Portugese and explained that "before she came
I told her that I have two handicapped siblings, we're a crowded
noisy family  and we have to fetch water in pails. She came

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                 Where's Harran? (hint - B.)


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