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The "She's Asking For It" Promotion

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 October 2016)

"When a woman dolls herself up and leaves home, by the
time she returns it's as if she has committed adultery with
all the men in whom she has inspired lust." (Hadis-i Şerif,

Mahmut Bayram, the acting National Education Director of
Burdur province put the above posting on his social media
page.  Although it was expected that as a result Bayram would
be removed from duty, instead he has been made director and
promoted (!).

'Süslenen kadın zina yapmış gibidir' diyen müdür vekiline terfi
Clearly, he inspires lust in all the woman who see him.

Notification of Bayram's promotion was published in the
official gazette and signed by President Erdoğan, Prime Minister
Yıldırım and the National Education Minister.

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Burdur province - a great place for your daughter to get
an education...

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