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2 Too Cute Pets Gone Missing

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(Hurriyet NewspaDikkat! Yeni yöntem Boo tuzağıper, 2 April 2014)

Teacher S.K.(43) wanted to buy a Pomeranian Boo
breed dog for her 8 year-old daughter on her birthday.
S.K. saw an add on the internet that promised that
"we'll let you own an animal free" but when she
spoke with a representative on the phone it turned out
that the pet wouldn't come without payment.

Nevertheless, the representative sent S.K. a photo of
the dog by email. The Pomeranian Boo dogs cost as
much as 3,500 TL in pet shops but S.K. was able to
get 'Halil' to reduce his price from 600 to 500 TL. S.K.
agreed to send 'Halil' half right away and the other half
when the dog arrived.

'Halil' told S.K. to send the money to a bank account
in the name of' 'Onur Ugur', which S.K. did. However,
after doing so she was unable to reach 'Halil' again.
S.K. said that she cried until morning and explained
how she had been hoodwinked: "Every time I spoke
with 'Halil' the puppy was making sounds in the
background. When my daughter pleaded 'mommy let's
get it' I said OK and sent the money."

The homeland of the Pomeranian Boo breed dogs is
eastern Germany-northern Poland.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 April 2014)

Artvinli Heidi keçisinin peşinde

In Dutlu village, Artvin province, 8 year-old Melek
Kayadibi found a kid goat on her birthday and raised
it for two years. Five months ago, however, the goat
was taken from her. Melek, who named her goat Charlie,
has not been able to get her pet back.

Melek and her older brother Aykut Kayadibi (20)
are participating in Artvin Days being celebrated in
Feshane. She explains to everyone that "when we
found the goat we were in the summer pasture. Our
dog brought it to me. The goat had a wound on its
hip and my brother, who's a veterinarian, treated it.
When it came to us it was very young. I took it to
our home, wrapped it in blankets and put it by the
stove. We spent two years together and its my
dearest friend."

"But five months ago a team from the animal shelter
came while I was at school. They said there had been
complaints about the goat so that's why they took it
away. If they abandon it or hurt it I will feel the pain."

                                                         Artvin province

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