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Slipper-as-Weapon Attack Clogs Courts

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 April 2014)

Yargıtay terliği 'silah' saydı
NOT Umit Simsek (it's his stunt double)

In Iskenderun, Umit Simsek beat his wife Nursen Simsek
with his slipper when she took too long to open the front
door. Umit will be tried on the charge of attack with a weapon.

On the night of the incident, Umit came home about midnight
and beat his wife of 20 years when she failed to open the door
soon enough. Umit had rung the bell for about half an hour,
tried and failed to use his own key and then borrowed a
screwdriver from a neighbor to try to open the door. Finally,
Nursen appeared and opened the door.

The enraged husband took his slipper off and beat Nursen
with it. Umit was taken into custody and Nursen, whose
injuries were characterized as minor, appeared before the
judge to say that "my husband came home late and I was
asleep. So, because I didn't hear the bell I opened the door
late. As soon as I did my husband attacked me. I'm filing
a complaint."

Umit was released pending trial and the Iskenderun prosecutor
filed a case against him, asking for a sentence of from three to
six months for "bad behavior toward one's spouse."  After a
year, the court ruled that "Nursen Simsek had experienced
problems with her spouse and may have purposely delayed
opening the door."  Consequently, Umit's sentence was postponed
and the case was sent to the Yargitay, a higher court.

After examing the case, the Yargitay ruled that "the late-arriving
husband beat his sleepy wife with his slipper. The lower court
ruled that 'the attacked wife may have deliberately not opened
the door' and postponed the sentence. However, the slipper
was used as a weapon and according to paragraph 61 of  law
number 5237, he must be tried on a weapons charge."

As a result, the original court will try the case all over again.

               Iskenderun province

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