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History Catches Up With a Bad Guy

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 April 2014)

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"The talented Kenan gets himself  arrested"

Bursa police captured Kenan Oner (56) in Bayrampasa,
Istanbul, after his sentence of 3 years 6 months for the
crime of  falsifying a document was approved by the court.
But that wasn't the end of the story because Oner's wealthy
parents, who lived in Iznik, have been missing for 6 years.

In order to provoke a response from Oner, the police
mentioned to him that his parents' bodies had been found.
When Oner blurted out in response "you dug up the garden?"
police searched his home in Istanbul and found documents
belonging to his mother and father.

Police then excavated the parents' home's garden in Iznik
on Ataturk Boulevard with a back-hoe. Next to the wall
of  a building alongside a sewerage tank they found two
human skulls and bones buried there. Oner was then
arrested by the court.

Oner's chronology of mayhem:

1988: Oner, a former member of the leftist terrorist
organization THKP/C who went to France after the military
coup in Turkey in 1980, killed Mehmet Yilmaz there and
burned the body. Interpol put out a red bulletin for his arrest.

1990: Oner married businesswoman Canan Aydin and their
son was born the same year.

1998: Oner was captured in Istanbul and sentenced to life
in prison.

2004: Taking advantage of a pardon, Oner was released
from prison.

2005: Oner returned home and after saying he was "taking
her for a vacation" his wife Canan disappeared.

2008: Oner's parents Ahmet Refik and Emine Oner, both
bedridden, moved into Oner's house. One month later the
parents disappeared.

2013: Oner's son A.O informed on his father, alleging that
Oner had killed A.O.'s mother and grandparents.

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