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Revenge of the Bridal Gown

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(Takvim Newspaper, 5 April 2014)

Türk filmi!
Rather becoming, actually, Mustafa bey.

Mustafa P.(30) and Nazende K.(29) fell in love in the German city
of  Hagen and after a few months they decided to get married in
2012. However, as the marriage preparations went forth, Nazende
learned that Mustafa already had a wife with whom he married in an
'imam nikahi' (religious common law) ceremony.

Her life in shambles, Nazende planned her revenge. Nazende explained
the situation to two relatives who agreed to take part in the plan.
Mustafa was summoned to Nazende's house and immediately set upon
by the two relatives. Nazende first directed the attack and then had her
accomplices dress Mustafa in the wedding gown she had purchased for
the wedding.

With her relatives holding the 'bride' Mustafa in place, Nazende took
pictures and then shared them with friends on Facebook. The resulting
comments from viewers seriously embarrassed Mustafa, who sought
relief in court.  Nazende and her henchmen were tried for 'infringement
of personal rights, personal injury and damaging one's honor.'

Mustafa's lawyer Jorg Tigges declared that "my client didn't don that
dress voluntarily! He was forced to wear it!"  After two years, the trial
concluded with Nazende and her two accomplices receiving fines of
300 Euros each. Nevertheless, Nazende had no regrets, observing that
"He deserved it. He was lucky to get off so easy."

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