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Black Sea Architecture Edition

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 April 2014)

Competition only from the nearby minaret.

In Amasra, Bartin province, a hut built on a telephone
stanchion 20 meters high is drawing attention. Mustafa
Toprakdelen (45), who lives in a house 20 meters above
the road in Ugurlar village, bought the stanchion from the
construction firm where he previously worked as a chef.

Toprakdelen built the hut on the T-shaped stanchion as
a porch for his house by laying down 6 square meters
of sheet metal, adding a roof and furnishing the hut with
a table and chair on a wooden floor. He entertains his
friends in the hut.

The hut, built 4 years ago, has become a tourist attraction.
Toprakdelen explained that "I realized a 20-year dream.
People who see it say 'the Black Sea genius has shown
itself again. You made a nest on the stanchion like that of
a stork.' Since I can't work, because of some health
problems, I spend a good portion of my days with my
wife and children in the hut."

Amasra, east of Istanbul on the Black Sea coast.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 24 April 2014)

Only a Rize native could think this one up...

A mosque minret in Ikizdere district, Rize province,
may be the world's most interesting one. Since
previous minarets in the 2,100 elevation Karzava Yaylasi
(summer mountain pasture) have been destroyed by
avalanches, Fikri Kurt (75) developed a minaret that the
snows can't threaten.  The 7-meter high minaret is lowered
in winter and raised in the summer by means of a special
hand-operated winch system.

Rize, at the other end of the Black Sea.
(but the building genius is the same)

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