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Tipsy Lady Cadillac and Pooch Roil Ankara

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(Zaman Newspaper, 22 April  2014)

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Cadillac windows aren't cheap. Insurance? Not bloody likely.

There was a chase incident in the capital Ankara on a par with
those in American movies. A woman driver with a dog
by her side, driving a Cadillac, fled from the police and
snarled traffic. Even though a police snare flattened all
four tires, the driver continued to try to run the police over.

The incident occurred in the morning when police got a report
that "a drunken woman with a dog in her car is causing traffic
problems on the avenue."   Police found the car, a Cadillac
with plate number 06 BH 094, on Alparslan Turkes Boulevard
in the Besevler neighborhood. When the woman saw the police
she fled and was pursued.

The woman was blocked at intersections but escaped at high
speed along the Konya Road. She was intercepted at Kepekli
intersection but again escaped to an apartment complex. After
emerging from there, the chase continued onto Turan Gunes
Boulevard where the woman was told to stop but ignored the
warning and nearly ran over the police.  At Yildiz intersection
the woman lit up a cigarette and refused to get out of her car.

At this point police succeeded in flattening all the car's tires
but the woman pressed on nevertheless until she finally stopped
in front of her husband's office.  However, the woman would
not open her door and police had to break the car window
to apprehend her, still with great difficulty.

The dog that was in the car was tied to the garden fence until
the woman's husband came and took it into the house. The
woman driver, whose name was given as Nur A., was taken
to the police station.

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