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Blood Feud Sparks Road-Building

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 8 April 2014)

The guys show up after tea...
Kan davası ‘otoyolu’

Years ago a land dispute erupted between the people
living in Bogaz hamlet, comprised of 22 houses with a
population of 150 located about 40 kilometers from Mus,
the provincial capital, and the villagers of Yelalan, two
kilometers from Bogaz.

When one person from Yelalan died in a fight the dispute
turned into a blood feud.  The residents of Bogaz hamlet
can only reach Mus via a road that goes through Yelalan
and they're now reluctant to take that route.

Consequently, men and women, young and old in Bogaz have
grabbed their shovels and undertaken to build a new 4.5 kilometer
road to connect Bogaz with the village of Karabey. Ziyaeddin
Kaya of Bogaz explained that "we can't send our children to
school. We couldn't use that road in the winter. We had a rough
time taking our women to the hospital on sleds. When the
authorities proved helpless we took the task upon ourselves.
There's a blood feud between us and Yelalan so we can't use
that road. At the very least we'll open a tractor road. We're
working from early morning till evening."

Muş Province, Turkey
Mus province, in eastern Turkey near Lake Van.

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