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Very Sore Loser

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 4 April 2014)

Election victory ends badly for Village Chief

There was quite a battle on Election Day, 30 March,
between Village Chief Mehmet Yuksel (42)  and his
rival Huseyin Karalar in the Bulbuldere neighborhood
of  Torbali. In the end, Yuksel, the married father of two
who has been chief for two terms already, prevailed.

As  a fireworks display signaled the victory, Mehmet
Karalar, the nephew of the defeated candidate, expressed
his displeasure by hitting Yuksel with a tire iron. After
treatment for a head wound at Torbali State Hospital,
Yuksel was released.

Subsequently, Yuksel and Mehmet Karalar met up and
got into a fight. Karalar pulled out his licensed revolver
and shot Yuksel six times, seriously wounding the Village
Chief in the chest.  Yuksel was pronounced dead at the
hospital, as his wife and 13 year-old son grieved.

Mehmet Karalar fled but  was captured and taken into
custody by the Gendarmerie.

Torbalı, Izmir Province

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