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FEMEN Keeps Erdogan Abreast of Developments

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 March 2014)

Looks like FEMEN sent the B Team to Istanbul

FEMEN'den seçim baskını
Members of the Ukraine-based womens rights group
FEMEN disrobed at the Burhaniye Elementary School
where Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cast
his votes in recent years. Two FEMEN members, with
'Ban Erdogan' written on their bodies were summarily
removed from the school.

The FEMEN members had come to the school at noon
and loitered about the entrance, collecting announcements
from the village chief candidates. After chatting on their
phones the two entered the school and went to the teachers'
room where voting box 2148 was situated.

Standing about as if to vote, the FEMEN members began
crying 'Ban Erdogan' and took off their coats and blouses.
They jumped up on a table, kicked the ballots onto the
ground and threw some of them into the air.

At this point, police and election workers entered the room
and dragged the FEMEN members to another place. Three
squad cars arrived at the school and the FEMEN members
were bought out, amid the taunts of waiting voters. Some
citizens kicked them and others wanted to lynch them.

The two women were said to be French citizens and staged
the protest to criticize the ban on Twitter.

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