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They Majored in Basketball, Not Physics

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 April 2014)

Who gets up for an 8 o'clock physics class?

Hidayet Turkoglu currently plays for the L.A. Clippers in the
NBA and Mehmet Okur used to play in the NBA. In recent
days, though, when they couldn't figure out the answer to a
physics question that contained their own names they had a
laugh about it.

When Okur saw the question contained in a test booklet for
11th grade students taking the physics exam portion of the
University Placement Test (LYS), he took a picture of it and
sent it to Turkoglu. The question asked was what would be the
angular velocity of the basketball as Okur and Turkoglu twirled
it on their fingertips.  Okur challenged Turkoglu to solve it,
saying "ok give me the answer."

In response, Turkoglu said with a smile "I wish I could help
you but its beyond my ken." Not satisfied with this answer,
Okur pressed Turkoglu to work on it and said he would
check with Turkoglu again for an answer.

Here is the question as given in the test: "NBA players Hidayet
and Mehmet are twirling a basketball on their fingertips. The radius
of  Hidayet's ball is r, Mehmet's is r/4 and the mass of both balls
and the angular momentum are equal. This being the case, if
Hidayet's ball's angular velocity is (I), Memo's ball's angular
velocity is (I) x how many? (I ball = 1/2 mr²"

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