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The Boy Who Ate Home Depot

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 April 2014)

      On the menu in Kutahya

In Kutahya, 15 items, such as a fruit knife and a tea spoon,
were removed by endoscopoy from the stomach of
a 15 year-old boy. This incident, rarely seen in medicine,
amazed even the boy's doctors.

Last week, Emre Bilgir, who is mentally challenged, became
ill and told his family that he had swallowed  a knife, spoon,
pencil and other items. Bilgir was taken to Dumlupinar University
(DPU) Evliya Celebi Training and Research Hospital and
an endoscopic operation was undertaken.

Among the 15 items removed from Bildir's stomach were
a fruit knife, a bottle cap, a straw, a pencil, a ball point pen,
two tea spoons, four ice cream sticks and a tree branch.
Dr. Bircan Savran, who conducted the 3-hour operation
said that "this is not to be believed. It is impossible to
understand how the patient swallowed these piercing and
sharp foreign objects, one 15 centimeters in length,  into
his stomach."

Mother Emine Bilgir stated that "I want my child to recover.
He had to leave school 4 months ago. I want him to go
back to school."

Kutahya, now even  more famous for its 
eclectic cuisine...

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