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Cities: Older Than Imagined; Completely Imaginary

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 April 2014)

Temel atarken tarihi değiştirdiler!
Amasra takes a big leap backwards.

Ancient artifacts found during the excavation of a building
in Amasra have pushed back the history of the district 2,000
years. Previously, Amasra was known to have a 3,000 year
history but that was before the food vessel, pitcher and food
containers were found in the excavation.

Amasra Museum Director Baran Aydin said that "thanks to
the newly found items we know the district has a 5,000 year
history and this will make Amasra get more attention from


turkce  links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 7 April 2014)

Hayalindeki kenti 13 bin saatte yaptı
George Jetson is honorary mayor.

In Kyrgyzstan, a young man by the name of Nikolay Tarasenko has made
a miniature Goldenburg (Golden Fortress) city comprised of 12 million details
for which he used 250 boxes of wax clay in 16 colors over the course of  7
years. Included in Tarasenko's fantastic city are historic buildings from Russia,
Dubai, Germany and the USA. There are also suspension bridges and state and
public buildings, along with 'extemporaneous' French, American and Chinese

Tarasenko explained that it took him 13,000 hours to build the city and he added
that "the project came to me when I was a child. In the miniature city I created an
imaginary place where all my friends would like to live."

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