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Turks Exporting Mosques to Cuba and Haiti (!)

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 April 2014)

Havana'ya Ortaköy Camisi!
Old Havana will never be the same.

The Turkish Religious Foundation (TDV)) has begun work to
make a replica of the Ortakoy (in Istanbul) Mosque in Cuba's
capital Havana.  Officials of the Foundation have met with the Cuban
Religious Affairs Administration and are awaiting approval to
break ground.

Mustafa Tutkun, TDV Deputy General Director, made the following
statement with regard to the effort: "Our discussions with Cuban
officials went well and we are awaiting the go-ahead word. Once
the approval comes we are planning to complete the construction
of the mosque within a year."

Seven Cuban Moslems are currently receiving religious training in
Turkey for service in the mosque, which will accommodate 3,500
Moslems.  The mosque is to be built in "Old Havana" and its
completion will take about a year.

Tutukun added that work is underway on the construction of a
mosque in Haiti, as well.  Already, a school for 280 students has
been built there and the mosque construction has followed. It is
anticipated that the Buhara El Imam Mosque will open in Haiti
by the end of the year.

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