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"Hey, Throw Yourself Out With the Bathtub!"

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 January 2015)

               Exfiltrated apartment stuff.

In Konya, Mustafa Yucel (43) became angry when his wife
left home with their three children after an argument.  So he
threw all the goods in the house off the balcony and onto the
street below.  A passing citizen caught the incident on his
cellphone camera and when he admonished Yucel to "throw
yourself off instead of the stuff!", tensions briefly rose.

The incident occurred the night before last at 0130 hours on
the second floor of an apartment house in Parsana neighborhood
of Secuklu district.  After they argued, Yucel's wife went to
her father's home with their children and refused his entreaties
to return. Enraged, Yucel began throwing all the goods in the
house off the balcony, to include the refrigerator, chairs and
other household appliances.

Mustafa: "Sometimes even I don't know why I do what I do..."

Police arrived at the scene and tried to persuade Yucel to stop,
as did his brother Yasin Yucel.  Mustafa shouted to Yasin "tell
my wife to get back her with my children because they'll go
to school from here in the morning. This is where they should be.
There's nothing left to throw out of the house but if they don't
come I'll burn it.!"

At this point, a citizen passing by who captured the scene on his
cellphone video shouted to Mustafa "instead of throwing stuff
off, throw yourself off."  Yasin, standing nearby, took exception
to this remark and walked toward the citizen, who police then
led away from the scene.  After an hour and a half trying to
persuade Mustafa to stop, he finally did and went to the police
station to give a statement.

  Konya province. Selcuklu is within the capital city.

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