3 Ocak 2015 Cumartesi

Barcode Banner Baffles Thought Police

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(Zaman Newspaper, 2 January 2015)

               Changing the rules.

Banners hung by opposition parties in Turkey recently against
'thievery and corruption' have been removed by police but a
new twist in this banner war occurred in Eskisehir. The MHP
(Nationalist Action Party) Eskisehir Provincial Directorate hung
a 'barcode' banner that can only be read by smart phones. When
decoded the message reads as follows: "There's nothing written
on this banner but you nevertheless know what we want to say."

The smart phone revolution gets political...

The barcode banner was hung from the top floor of the 3-story
MHP party building in the Koprubasi neighborhood on Two
September Boulevard. Both the MHP and CHP (Republican
Peoples Party) have hung banners protesting 'corruption and
thievery' in a number of provinces and districts, only to have
them taken down by the police.

                         Eskisehir province.

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