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Batman and Robin (Hood)

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(Haber Turk Newspaper, 7 January 2014)

Like another superhero, Kocero made it to the silver screen.

Journalist Arif Arslan has related Batman's recent history in
his book entitled "Face to Face with Batman". Arslan has
reported about Batman for nearly 40 years, providing Turkey
with news about the province through national newspapers and
news agencies.

In his book, Arslan mentions Batman's good-hearted  bandit
Kocero, known as "Turkey's Robin Hood", by means of a
memoir from former minister Esat Kiratlioglu.  Batman city's
philosophers are also in the book, as is the tragic story of an
Armenian woman named Hazel who was the only woman left
in the village of Tilmerc in the aftermath of the 1915 incidents
(expulsion of Armenians from Turkey during WWI).

              Batman surveys Batman...

Arslan covers the discovery of oil in Batman and the related
rapid development of the district that became Batman province.
He also sheds light on Batman in the period before oil.

Batman province. (Sherwood Forest not shown)

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