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Governor 'Elevating' Fitness, by Decree

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sozcu Newspaper, 1 January 2015)

           Gov. Dursun Ali (The Rock) Sahin

giresun TNT report on Gov. Sahin from his time in Giresun.

The prohibition governor is at it again...Edirne Governor Dursun
Ali Sahin has announced the new prohibitions in the name of the
fight with obesity for the new year.  Sahin spoke at the governor's
building to publicise the "Project for the Use of Stairs Instead of
Elevators", decreeing that elevators would henceforth not stop at
the first three floors of any building in Edirne.

The project went into effect today, 1 January. Previously, Governor
Sahin had decreed that only one cube of sugar would be offered at
coffeehouses and he added, in this regard, "we've prohibited salt
from being placed on tables in restaurants and any establishment
that does not adhere to this prohibition from 1 January on will pay
a fine."

Map of Edirne Province
In Edirne even with an elevator you live in a walk-up.

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