23 Ocak 2015 Cuma

'ISIS Invaders' in Quest for Forbidden Love

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 January 2015)

       "I'm a lover, not a (ISIS) fighter"

The day before yesterday a police team patrolling in Mardin
Republic Square became suspicious when they saw two
individuals wearing black sheets walking like men and with
men's shoes sticking out from beneath the sheets.

Police grabbed M.D. (30) but Z.T. (31), who was with him,
got away for a time, but was later captured.  This prompted
rumors around the city that "ISIS fighters have been captured."
However, an investigation resulted in a different explanation.

M.D., a relative of former CHP Mardin Parliamentarian Mahmut
Duyan and Mardin Mayor Abdulkadir Tutasi, was trying to meet
with his girlfriend.  Z.T. had accompanied his friend to dissipate
any suspicion that might befall M.D.  Since the families of both
M.D. and the young woman involved oppose their marriage, they
resorted to meeting in secret.

The couple have been seeing each other for four years and M.D.
used the same disguise many times in the past to reach his beloved
at a spot near Republic Square.  Neither M.D. nor Z.T. have any
connections to organizations.

In his statement, M.D. explained that "since our families oppose
our relationship, this was our only way to meet."  Both families are
prominent ones in Mardin and relatives of the couple contacted
local newspapers to say that there is an ongoing blood feud between
the families.

Mardin province is hard by the Islamic State.

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