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Lucky Lotto Chair Hung as Last Resort

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 January 2015)

Coffeehouse owner's wisdom keeps peace among patrons.

Halit Abak (54) of Soke district, Aydin province, was one of
the four big winners in the National Lottery drawing on New
Year's Eve and he learned about his good fortune when he
went to his usual coffeehouse.

Levent Ince, a waiter there,  explained that "Halit came to the
coffeehouse on the morning of 1 January. He took out his ticket
and asked me for help. Together we looked at the newspaper
and I told him that he was a big winner. He was in shock.  I
thought he would buy everyone tea but instead he just went
home with his ticket.  When he does come back to the coffeehouse
we want him to buy us all tea."

The chair the new millionaire, who is a truck driver, last sat in
at the coffeehouse has taken on new value.  Patrons competed
to sit in it and so the establishment's owner Hasan Canitezer
took extreme measures: "we have wrapped white tape around the
legs of the chair that Halit Abak sat down in and then rose up
from as a millionaire.  We've separated it from the rest of the chairs
because everyone was fighting over who would sit in it. We've
taken this lucky chair out of circulation and hung on the wall."

As for Halit Abak, he has bought a house for 280,000 TL ($140K)
and purchased a 130,000 luxury car for his son Tahir Abak.
One of Abak's friends at the coffeehouse, Yilmaz Serbest, said
that "he's a modest guy who never argues with anyone. The big
payoff he's won won't change him."

Soke district is in western Aydin province.

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