17 Ocak 2015 Cumartesi

Role Reversal: Man As Dog's Best Friend

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 January 2015)

 "It's about time you guys saved one of us for a change..."

On Uludag Mountain, in Bursa province, vacationers skiing at
Tutyeli peak (2,045 meters high) heard the moans of a dog
trapped in the snow and called the Gendarmerie.  A 7-man
team of 'Snow Tigers' from the Gendarmerie Search and
Rescue (JAK) unit responded on 5 ski mobiles.

       'Garip' in team photo with rescuers.

The team searched two forested areas near the Tutyeli ski slope
for half an hour and reached the nearly-frozen pooch. They first
gave the dog milk and then brought it down to the hotel area
for a proper meal.  The soldiers named the dog 'Garip' (peculiar)
and said they will care for it if the owner doesn't surface.

            Uludag Mt.: the red spot.

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