28 Ocak 2015 Çarşamba

Dog's Loyalty Extends Beyond the Grave

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 January 2015)

 'Zozo' could be a dictionary synonym for 'loyalty'. 

A story similar to the one about a dog in Japan whose loyalty to
his master inspired a film and a statue - "Hackiko" - is playing
out in Ordu.  A Kangal-breed dog named Zozo has not left his
former master's grave for the past year.

Ismail Ozturk got Zozo as a puppy and loved him very much.
Since Ozturk died on 10 February 2014, Zozo has not left
Ozturk's grave.  Ozturk's son Zafer Ozturk explained that "we
got Zozo as a puppy and raised him as our own child. He loved
my father very much. A year has passed since his death but
Zozo still continues to wait at my father's grave."

                     Ordu province.

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