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Bad Role Models: Earings, Snowmen, Mussels

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 January 2015)

Yavuz Sultan Selim: bad role model for Turkish men.

The Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs provided a citizen
with a response to the following question: is it permissible for
a man to wear an earing? "Since the time of our Prophet until
today women have worn earings for decoration. Moslem men
must refrain from wearing decorative articles that are solely
for women.  Islamic scholars consider it 'mekruh' (reprehensible
although not forbidden by God) for men to wear earings."

 turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 January 2015)

         Frosty: bad role model for Saudis.

After it snowed in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have been tripped up
by a 'fetva' (Moslem clergyman's ruling) regarding having fun
with snowmen. According to a report in El Arabiya, after a
snowfall in the northern part of the country, people began
sharing photos of snowmen on social media.  A question was
then posed to a religious website: "Is it permissible to make
a snowman?"

Responding to the question, Shaikh el-Munacid gave the
following response: "Even if it is just for a game or fun, it is
forbidden to make a snowman.  God gave permission for
humans to make whatever they want with soulless things
like trees, ships, fruit and buildings." (WTF?)

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 January 2015)

Mussels: bad role model for Moslem stomachs.

Firat Kuytan (45) started to sell the mussels he brought from
Bursa from a truck in Erzurum's Yakutiye neighborhood. At
first, sales were brisk but that was until the Imam in the
Yukari Mumcu Mosque, near where his truck was parked,
gave his Friday sermon.

The Imam told his congregation that "mussels are 'haram'"
(forbidden by  Islamic law.)  This put a sharp end to Kuytan's
business. He said "every day I was bringing 2,000 mussels.
Business was good. But when the Imam said that mussels are
'haram' according to the Hanefi sect my sales went flat. The
mosque-goers stopped eating them."

As for Imam Nejdet Keskin, he had this to say: "mussels are
'haram' according to the Hanefi sect, but they're not as far as
other sects are concerned. I haven't spoken with the seller
but we would prefer that people like him make a living by
selling proper things."

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