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Call an Ambulance! (Good Luck)

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 10 January 2015)

Better than UPS or DHL. Police just wave them through.

After it was reported that some ambulances at the Eyup State
Hospital were being used to transport equipment rather than
patients, Eyup Hospital's Chief Doctor, Hasan Karaman,  made
a statement, explaining that the vehicles were provided to the
hospital as 'service vehicles' and that because the ambulances
and other patient transport vehicles were not appropriate for
transporting patients (!), they were used for other purposes instead.

Karaman added that there no problems arising from patients
not being transported in these vehicles. He went on to say that
"there aren't any regulations or laws regarding our being able to
transport goods in the vehicles instead of patients. In any event,
they're old ambulances."  Hurriyet learned, however, that legally
it is impossible to use a vehicle licensed as an ambulance for
any other purpose.

According to Karaman, there are two ambulances allotted to the
hospital and the related licenses are designated for ambulances.
He added that because it takes a long time to change a vehicle's
status, the hospital had not adjusted the license designations of
the ambulances.

When we asked Karaman whether there are any problems in
traffic with these transport vehicles that look like ambulances,
he said that they had one of the ambulance-licensed vehicles
outfitted for transporting patients but he claimed that using
the vehicles for material transport would not cause a problem.
One hospital worker noted that "because it's an ambulance the
police don't bother us."

Karaman went on to say that 'when the vehicles are idle we
transport our personnel in them. Other times we transport
medical devices in them to our polyclinics in surrounding areas.
In any event, we don't have the authority to provide ambulance
services." (!)

             Eyup district of Istanbul.

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