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CSI Mus: Cell Records Bust Alibis

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(Haber Turk Newspaper, 6 January 2015)

//ed. note: perhaps appropriately, "Bulanik" also means 'muddy',
'turbid' in Turkish.//

     Where is everybody? Let's find out...

The cellphones of 37 suspects, 9 of whom are in jail, have
incriminated most of them for participation in incidents that
occurred in Bayramli hamlet of Bulanik district, Mus province,
in July 2013 and resulted in the deaths of 7 people and the
wounding of eight others.

Enmity between the Dost, Kunda and Taskale families, based
on a 60-year old pasture dispute, resulted in the massacre.  For
security reasons, the case was taken up in Trabzon's 1st Serious
Crimes Court. Most of those taken into custody for questioning
claimed to have been elsewhere at the time of the incidents.

The prosecutor asked TIB (Turkey's telecom authority) for the
cellphone records of each of the suspects to determine where
they were on the day in question.  After a review, it was determined
from the cellphone records that they had all been at the site of the
incidents that day.

A 'gun discharge analysis' report from the Diyarbakir Criminal Police
Lab was added to the case file on 25 September 2013. It showed
who had used a gun on the day of the incidents. According to this
report, hand swipes taken from five murder victims and an injured
party showed no residue from gunfire.

The incident report made at the scene revealed that 17 different
guns were used in the clash and that 34 12-caliber shell cartridges,
one 16-caliber shell cartridge and 44 casings were found there. In
the indictment prepared by the prosecutor, the suspects are charged
with murder and attempted murder and life sentences are requested
for all of them.

Bulanik district is in eastern Mus province.

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