5 Ocak 2015 Pazartesi

The Tin Man Goes Postal

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 5 January 2015)

going postal. an original film by a harried mailman

   Armored and dangerous.

In Kutahya, mailman Nevzat Coban, who a while ago made
a short film about the plight of the postal carrier, distributed
a letter urging mailmen not to surrender their hardship pay.
To call attention to the matter, Coban donned a costume made
of tin which he calls the 'anti-calamity' suit.

Support pouring in from mailmen around the world.

Coban explained the concept for his suit as follows: "The cap
on top protects you against falling bricks, icicles, flower pots
and shoes. The body armor protects against clubs and dogs. Our
esteemed parliamentarians passed a hardship pay law for
themselves at light speed.  I recommend this suit to our
parliamentarians so they don't experience any undue hardships."

Has lawyer working on trademark issues...

                    Kutahya province.

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