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Lottery 'Winner' Fending Off Creditors

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 January 2015)

As 'winner' briefly savors the taste of wealth...sharks smell blood.

Taner Sanduvac, a businessman in Nigde, changed the numbers
on his New Year's lottery ticket and shared photos of himself
with the 'winning' ticket on Facebook.  People then thought that
Sanduvac was one of the four big winners of the New Year's
lottery. Even though he quickly took the picture off his Facebook
page, saying it had been a joke, Sanduvac became a trend topic
in Turkey and got himself into trouble, as well.

Sanduvac's creditors didn't believe the photos had been a joke
and began to harass him for money he owed to them. Reached
by phone by Sabah, Sanduvac had this to say: "my kids did it
as a joke and put it on social media. After a few minutes we took
it off. A lot of people in Nigde did the same thing. They kept
theirs posted for days and nobody said anything.  Just like any
businessman, I have debts and creditors."

A 30 year-old worker, a genuine lottery winner, appeared five
days after New Years's and said this about Sanduvac: "when I
saw those pictures of Sanduvac I got concerned about my own
ticket but I couldn't ask anyone.  I waited anxiously for the end
of the holidays. What right does he have to give real winners

                           Nigde province.

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