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'Murder She Wrote', by Yıldız and Khadija Hanıms

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 September 2015)

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Thank you for not snoring.

Last April in Çorum, Kenan Siğiniç (36) died at a hospital
after blacking out at home. It turned out that Siğiniç had
suffocated and his wife Yıldız Siğiniç was taken into custody.
The young woman had put a plastic bag over Kenan's head
because he was snoring.

The trial of Yıldız Siğiniç began yesterday in court in
Çorum,with a life sentence requested. The court committee
decided to request a report as to whether or not Yıldız hanım
is culpable, from the Forensic Medical Examiner in Ankara.

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                      Çorum province
türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 September 2015)

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Khadija hanım, author of the diabolical plan.

A woman named Khadija H., who came to Turkey from
Afghanistan two months ago, had her husband killed by
setting an incredible trap for her sister and brother-in-law.

The incident occurred in the Sümer neighborhood of Zeytinburnu
in Istanbul. Khadija told police that the reason she waited 10
hours to report the death of husband Baz Mohammed in their
home was that "this isn't my country. I was scared so I waited
until morning to go to the police."

When police checked surveillance videos, though, they saw
a drunken Mohammed with a woman in a nearby park. The
woman turned out to be Khadija's sister Naz S. (34). Naz
and her husband Nasım A. fled Istanbul that same night but
were picked up in Manisa.

In her statement, Naz explained that "Khadija told me that
'my husband thinks I cheated on him. He's been after you for
years and in order to forgive me he said I have to get you to
sleep with him. So go home with him. He's drunk, he won't
do anything to you. I hired a guy and as soon as you go in
he'll beat my husband with a bat.' I was concerned about my
sister's well being so I accepted the deal. I owe her 4,500 USD
and she said she'd forget it if I slept with her husband."

"But she set a trap. Without me knowing it, she told my husband
'your wife is cheating on you with my husband, they'll be together
tonight. Here's the key. Go and see for yourself.'  When my
husband found me with my brother-in-law he attacked him with
a cleaver. He was going to kill me too but I talked him out of it."

As for Khadija, she was planning to escape to Greece and had
waited 10 hours after the murder to let her sister and Nasım
get away. The three suspects were transported to jail.

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           Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul

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