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Good Samaritan Dunked; Divorce by Name Only

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 4 September 2015)

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"I'd do it again in a minute!" says Sunay bey (yeah, right).

Sunay Çelik, a businessman living in Bursa, was driving home
when he saw an injured person by the side of the road. He stopped
his car and called for an ambulance. The injured person, who was
drunk, resisted the ambulance personnel so Çelik persuaded the
man to get into the ambulance by promising to accompany him to
the hospital.

At this point, Çelik gave his car keys to a bystander and asked him
to follow the ambulance to the hospital. However, when Çelik
reached the hospital his car was nowhere in sight. As the day
wore on, police found Çelik's car under water in the Dobruca Creek.

Dobruca (or Doburca) Creek somewhere near the red dot.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 September 2015)

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               What might have been...

A married couple in Istanbul who have been together for 16 years
are divorcing because of a quarrel over naming their fourth child.
Mustafa Y. wanted to name the child, his first daughter, Cemaliye
after his mother. His wife Fatma, however, secretly had the child
named Merve.

Enraged, Mustafa left home and filed for divorce in court. Not to
be outdone, Fatma hanım countersued, asking for 100,000 TL in
damages and custody of the children. In her complaint, Fatma
alleged that Mustafa gambles, drinks alcohol and has begun to
continually beat the children.

According to Fatma hanım, "the kids want their sister's name to
be Merve. My husband left home. There's no problem between
us, it's just that he creates problems." As for Mustafa, he explained
that "I wanted to name my daughter Cemaliye and as her father
that's my right. So that's why I fought with my wife and left home."

Mustafa said that he had credit card debts and his overall financial
situation is not good. His brothers Nail Y. and Mevlüt Y., speaking
on his behalf, said that their older brother always wanted a daughter
he could give his mother's name to.

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