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Istanbul Drama: Bin Ladin, U.S.Passport, ISIS

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(Sabah and HaberTürk Newspapers, 27 September 2015)

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         The name sounds kinda familiar...

One of the founding members of the Saudi Arabian firm
Bin Ladin Group, a billionaire who keeps his identity secret,
came to Istanbul from the U.S., where he lives, with his
family10 days ago for a vacation. The family settled into a
hotel in the Gayrettepe section of Beşiktaş, Istanbul, but
four days ago the businessman noticed that his 13 year-old
daughter, Heyyam Dalia B., was not in her room.

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Like so many others gals, Heyyam Dalia finds them...

The police in Beşiktaş took up the case and determined that
Heyyam Dalia had made contact via Facebook with a Syrian
youth in Istanbul. The police headed for the Fatih section of
the city but in the meantime Heyyam Dalia made contact with
her mother through Facebook and asked her to bring her
(Heyyam Dalia's) U.S. passport to the Aksaray metro station.

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                    ... irresistible!

The family advised police of this development and a meeting
was arranged. The police picked up Heyyam Dalia at the
metro station and took her to the police station that handles
children's cases in Bebek. There, Heyyam Dalia explained
that she had met Mehmet (Syrian youth) on Facebook about a
year ago and they arranged to escape together while Heyyam
Dalia was in Istanbul.

Mehmet took Heyyam Dalia to a house in Fatih, where she
stayed for two days and was not harmed at all. Police learned
of Mehmet's address but he was not there when they arrived.
The police did find 5,000 USD at Mehmet's house.

Heyyam Dalia told police that Mehmet praised ISIS and other
similar groups and that his goal was to get her U.S. passport.

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