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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 September 2015)

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Before restoration (very cool, if ailing, Ottoman bridge).

The 589 year-old bridge that spans the Dandalaz Creek in
Aydin's Karacasu district, was built along the Tavas road
for caravans and trade during the time of Sultan Murad II
in 1426. It has been destroyed during restoration.

Image result for dandalaz köprüsü onarımda yıkıldı
       After restoration (bridge of sighs...)

The restoration began a year ago, with the bridge being
supported for the process by 120 tons of steel. On 30 January
the steel structure collapsed.  Abdurrahman Çabuk, the chairman
of the board of Çabuk Construction, the contracting firm, stated
that cracks began to form in the land where a foot of the historic
bridge is planted on the creek bed because of land slippage before
(!) the restoration began.

The Dandalas/Dandalaz dam is between Yenice and Karacasu.

Continuing, Çabuk explained that "the bridge was essentially
in a ruined state already. There was one foot missing and with
the land slippage a crack appeared on the ground where the other
foot was set. This being the case, the creek wore away the
ground's structure over time. So while we wanted to restore
the part of the bridge that was damaged, the land surrounding
it slipped. The damage means there will have to be a project
of a larger scope."

Image result for karacasu aydın dandalaz haritası
           Aydın province

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