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Punk Hair for Ladies Was 'In' 2,400 Years Ago

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 September 2015)

Image result for 2 bin 400 yıl önce kadınlarda saç modası daha uçuktu
16,000 hairdressers in Istanbul today. Tradition, tradition...

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik of Akdeniz University's Archeology
Department has explained that based on art works found during
excavations and bas reliefs from some rock graves, they have
been able to determine the hair styles of women 2,400 years ago.

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           Back to the future...

Dr. Çevik noted that his team has examined many female masks
and figures in ancient city ruins in the region, primarily Myra
Antique City.  "At the end of the study we saw that some of the
hair braiding styles used 2,400 years ago continue to be used
today. The women's hair styles from that period were the unusual
types that we see on punks and extreme people today."

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Continuing, Dr. Çevik added that "In other words, the hair styles
we consider wierd today were the norm back then. In fact, that
was the 'in' look and mostly worn by the elite women. The data
that we've gathered show the life styles of the masses. After the
classic period, they continued in the Roman and Byzantine eras,
up until today."

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         Myra Antique City

Dr. Çevik stated that the work he has been doing in the Lycia
region for 27 years has been collected in his book "Lykia Kitabı".

Myra is near Demre (the fabled home of St. Nick, too)


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